The Power of Expectation

February 7, 2021

A Mystery No More

January 3, 2021
In this last hour God has already revealed things that have been a mystery in the past, in particular that God is going to open a door for the church,…
There may be times God will allow you to be in uncomfortable places, but wherever GOd wants you to ultimately end up you can be confident you are still going…

I Need A Will

October 25, 2020
Like the Woman that was bleeding needed a will to get healed we need a will as well.

Let The Waters Flow

August 30, 2020
In this message you will see that when you allow yourself to step in the waters that God has for you, it will be Him that takes you to deeper…

The Solution I

August 16, 2020
The Lord wants us to rest in the middle of our storms.

I Can’t Die Here

June 7, 2020

The Glory in Me

May 31, 2020

Why Are You Searching?

April 12, 2020
There are so many people searching for life in dead things, after Jesus was risen from the dead the angel gave them the correct perspective you are only going to…