April 23, 2023
We can be influenced, we can allow good or bad influences to control us. In this message we are going to here how to have correct influence.

I’m Gonna Risk It

March 5, 2023
You may feel like you are a leper and have obvious outside issues that keep you in isolation and away from God's presence. Jesus wants to change that

A Reconciled Mind

August 8, 2021
When you understand the reason behind the book of Colossians and understand that Jesus has come to do a work in your mind you will find yourself living as an…
It's always a good time for Jesus to change your life. We serve a God who refuses to sit back idly while someone could be helped and set free.
We need to understand the what Pentecost truly is. This message will give you a greater understanding of the power of the Holy Ghost.

God simply wants to give those that should not have access, access to His presence. This message will give you insight on the entire tabernacle.

Necessary Confrontation

March 7, 2021

Wrong Thoughts

February 28, 2021
This scripture has been so misunderstood, this man didn't come thinking he was going to get help. He was going to Jesus to make sure He wasn't going to be…

Laugh With Me

February 21, 2021
God gives us promises that many times to not come to fruition right away, in Sarai's case it was 25 years. And from the time of the process until the…
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