Revival in the Middle of a Mess

September 10, 2017
Many times we think that all conditions have to be correct for the Lord to do reviving and great things in our lives. But on the contrary, God usually sends…
Lord is commending, convicting, and exhorting His 7 churches. Then we go into scriptures that deal with the expectations of the church concerning the rapture

Make Preparations

August 27, 2017

Let's look closer at the various messages that the Lord gave to the seven churches and see how they can be viewed in a historical and spiritual condition view as…

The Enemy is Bowing Down

August 22, 2017

Here we will give an introduction to the book of Revelation. The revelation of one, Jesus Christ.
This section deals with our bodies after we have passed on.
Understanding Resurrections in the Word of God is of utmost importance to understanding end time prophesy. Many times this subject is completely overlooked. But when evaluated you will be able…
There are many scriptures in the Bible that have been debated, misinterpreted or misunderstood. In eschatology the same remains. Here in this study we are going to take a closer…

End Time Lesson 7

June 21, 2017
Some people are looking for the anti-christ and for tribulation but scripture tells us to look for the blessed hope the glorious appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ.