Radio Broadcast II

October 26, 2018
When looking to understand the oneness of God we can look to what the Jews thought Jesus was claiming to be. There response says alot about what they knew Jesus…
Many times we face opposition and think it is there to destroy us or cause us to give up our efforts, but in actuality they are just in disquise. Can…

Serve The Lord with Gladness

September 30, 2018
There is a deeper meaning in a verse that looks so obvious.

Wait Until

September 26, 2018
God wants to do great things in our lives but we sometimes get impatient or don't wait long enough for the leading of the Spirit. Listen to this message that…

Counteracting Despair

September 23, 2018

He’s Calling You Out

September 9, 2018
Sometimes you have to be called out.

Spirit of Desperation

September 2, 2018
You can be anointed, called, and chosen but if you don’t have a spirit of desperation in you the spirit of depression that leads to complacency will be what rises…
When you are focused on doing what the Lord has called you to do it will override the false narrative that favor is a point in time. In this message…

Six Ways To Trust God

August 8, 2018
You have to constantly know what it looks like to trust God. In this lesson you will have six ways to trust God.