But If You Go With Me

March 4, 2018
As long as we have the presence of God we can do all things.

I Have Found A Ransom

February 25, 2018
Within the very first written book of the Bible, in the middle of a tragedy, the Lord allows a prophetic word to be released that will allow us to be…
This is our last lesson and we see the difference between tribulation saints and the church.
This is the chapter in which the Messiah comes. There are four division of joy that comes in this chapter.

Blessing in Believing

December 10, 2017
There are somethings that the Lord does that you don't understand but He does them to help you grow. There are somethings in the natural that you have to ignore…
In this lesson we will look at the summary of what is taking place in the last 3 and a half years of the tribulation. In particular spirit of Babylon.

Before The Other Side

December 3, 2017
Alot of us are so grateful for the miracle of the past like the disciples were for the feeding of the 5,000 then they were sent to go to the…

Something Had To Die

November 26, 2017
God wants us to realize what power lies in His Hand. And to get HIs point across He may let things die in our lives to then show us that…

Leave The Miracles To Jesus

November 19, 2017
Sometimes we think church is a place where God can only deal with the spiritual side of us. This message is going to help you see that God can deal…

Bow Down

November 12, 2017
A powerful testimony of deliverance and a Word that challenged the church into a place of sincere worship and bowing down before God. God took over!