Daniel the Faithful

June 10, 2018

Ever since sin entered humanity God has been preparing us for the miraculous, that is to receive His Spirit to be able to live an overcoming life.
You have to be honest with God concerning your state and trust that He will accept you and help you be all that He wants you to be.
God has a process for the expected end that He has for you. There may be things that seem like they are taking you away from God's plan for your…

Will You Be Made Whole

April 8, 2018
The question is never does God have the power to touch, change or deliver you the question is once it happens are you going to stay changed.


March 11, 2018
Sometimes there is a need in your life and you have a Word from God that He is going to answer and come through, and then there comes interruptions to…

But If You Go With Me

March 4, 2018
As long as we have the presence of God we can do all things.

I Have Found A Ransom

February 25, 2018
Within the very first written book of the Bible, in the middle of a tragedy, the Lord allows a prophetic word to be released that will allow us to be…