It’s Holy Ground Now

November 17, 2019
Places that have seemed like that haven't meant much are now places that God has deemed Holy Ground.

Bring Out The Best in Us

November 10, 2019
Simply put, God wants to bring out the best in us.
A powerful message that will encourage you to believe in the Word of the Lord and cause you to repent and turn your heart towards such a loving God who…

Preparation is Progressive

October 13, 2019
Preparation... That is the key. Listen to this message that deals with the power of preparation.
It's not just about the what of prayer but the why of prayer. That prayer is what will allow you to prevail over life.

The Lamp, The Word, The Vision

September 29, 2019
In order to get out of our darkness we need the lamp of the Lord to help us receive the visions of God and to direct our lives

The Miracle of 7 Times

September 22, 2019
The Lord wants us to know that healing and deliverance is not just going to be a one time event. But that He wants to provide us with an understanding…

Selling Ourselves Short

September 8, 2019
God wants to favor our lives but we have to realize that we need Him. We have to value what He has for us if we are going to receive…

Validation Is Coming

August 25, 2019
There are good things we do in secret as we wait for the Word of God to unfold in our lives. But before we get the promotion the enemy is…