Let's continue to look at the NT and see what the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost is.
There is so much to unpack in this story of Hannah. Listen as Rev. Candice Barlow shows us how to respond when a double portion is not enough.

Isaiah 59

May 8, 2019
Expository Teaching on Isaiah 59
Let's look at the New Testament scriptures on how they were baptized and make sure we do it that way.

God Blesses The Righteous

April 28, 2019
God is not a God of unconditional love, that is not scripturally accurate. In this message you will hear a convicting message about who God blesses.
In this enthusiastic broadcast Pastor Barlow will teach on what first church did in response to Jesus' instructions.

He Got Up

April 21, 2019
Because Jesus Got Up we can get up as well.
We are going to take a chronological look through the New Testament and follow what Jesus said to what the Apostles actually did to follow what he told them in…
The enemy makes so many false assumptions about us as the people of God. He places things in our lives that he wants us to bow down to. Then he…
When you trust in God and do things His way they will be ten times better than what the enemy intended.