January 13, 2019
You can't walk into revelation and solutions that God has for you if you don't get a new mindset.

Defy The Odds I

January 6, 2019
There are many things that are stacked against us. Many things that make us feel we are the underdog, things that make us feel in capable of beating the things…
We all have said I have gotten here "Is Spite Of" all that I have been through. But really that phrase comes across with a level of bitterness. We are…

Worship Him or Kill Him

December 23, 2018
What you are you going to with this Jesus. You are either going to worship Him or you are going to attempt to kill Him. Listen to this Christmas message…

Reasons For The Increase

December 16, 2018
Sometimes your importunity is the very thing that will be the reason for your increase. Your problems can push you to your progress.
You might feel like you have very little to offer when you know you have little to pay off your debt. But when you obey the Lord you will find…

Radio Broadcast II

October 26, 2018
When looking to understand the oneness of God we can look to what the Jews thought Jesus was claiming to be. There response says alot about what they knew Jesus…
Many times we face opposition and think it is there to destroy us or cause us to give up our efforts, but in actuality they are just in disquise. Can…

Serve The Lord with Gladness

September 30, 2018
There is a deeper meaning in a verse that looks so obvious.
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